The University of Maine Pulp and Paper Foundation supports aspiring engineers studying at the University of Maine who are interested in pursuing careers in the paper industry.

Through financial assistance, networking opportunities, and expert guidance and support throughout their academic careers, each student graduates with a competitive advantage—and a job.

The pulp and paper industry is vital for the state of Maine, remaining one of the state’s biggest industries and employers.


The Pulp and Paper Foundation relies on the generosity of our donors to continue to support aspiring engineering students in becoming the next great leaders in the pulp and paper industry.

The paper industry is booming and looking for the next great leaders in engineering.


We’re here to make pursuing an engineering career in the paper industry more accessible for students by covering the cost of college tuition.

We are a unique partnership between industry, students, donors and the University of Maine.


Consider Engineering Still Going Strong

Consider Engineering Still Going Strong

For 49 years, the Consider Engineering program has been offered by the UMaine Pulp and Paper Foundation. Despite the unusual circumstances of this year, we were determined to make it available to as many students as possible. Unable to bring students to campus in...

7 Tips to Snag That Dream Job

7 Tips to Snag That Dream Job

So, you’re ready to interview. Congratulations! Whether you’ve been to an interview before or if you’re preparing for your first, it’s an exciting moment in your career. An interview is an opportunity to showcase your skills and what assets you can bring to a company....

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