The University of Maine Pulp and Paper Foundation scholarship recipients are the heart of the foundation. Not only during their college years, but well after graduation and into their professional lives as well. Foundation alumni are a testament to how successful, rewarding, and memorable the program can be for aspiring engineering students. So, we’ve asked them:

What was the most valuable experience or what made the biggest impact on you when you were a student in the University of Maine Pulp and Paper Foundation?

“The most valuable experience from my time as a student was the interview process. I had always believed getting an interview for a job would be the hardest part, yet the Pulp and Paper Foundation brings the companies to you! UMPPF has so many companies that want to hire their students and more jobs available than students to fill the roles! It is an incredible opportunity for any student to know that they will most likely have multiple internship and full-time job offers with the support of the Pulp and Paper Foundation.” – Jennifer Williams, alumni

“The co-op experience provided the biggest impact on me and the eventual career choices I would make upon graduating. Through my co-op experiences, I quickly figured out that the pulp and paper industry could provide a fun, exciting and challenging career. I also learned that the flexibility offered to engineers both geographically and in job function itself would mean I wouldn’t easily get bored.” – Chris Francis, alumni

“The most valuable experience was my co-op with WestRock. I experienced what it’s like to work in the industry, how to solve problems on the run, and I made lifelong friends along the way. I also got to see what it was like to live in a different state. I absolutely loved it and couldn’t wait to go back for co-op.” – Alyssa Burkard, alumni

“The most valuable experience was receiving the scholarship. Being a UMPPF scholarship recipient, and remaining involved in the Foundation to this day, have helped open so many doors for me in my career.” – Addie Nadeau, alumni

“One of the most valuable experiences that I had as a student was organizing the TREE (Tappi Research Expedition Europe) trip to Sweden in 2017. This required countless phone calls and presentations to industry professionals to spread our goal and obtain support for this trip. Also, as student vice president, I experienced an executive meeting and saw how UMPPF operates and how invested they are in the future of the students.” – Sage Duguay, alumni

“While helping us find co-ops, full time jobs and paying for our school were all fantastic, Carrie and Jen had the biggest impact—they were open to talk about anything at any time and wanted to see us succeed. The added confidence from Carrie and Jen further built me and many other students up for a successful future.” – Shawn Farrington, alumni

“The Consider Engineering program had the most profound impact on me as a high school sophomore (and again as a mentor in college). During the challenging activities, I found I was genuinely enjoying myself. I really appreciated the opportunity to communicate and work with people who were equally as curious and driven. Exercising my brain in the way engineering demands took a lot of focus and felt exactly like what I didn’t know I was looking for.” – Elaina Gilman, alumni

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