Three UMPPF scholarship recipients invited to join the prestigious UMaine organization.

At University of Maine Pulp and Paper Foundation, we value community, connection, and commitment—to our students, campus, and the industry. But we’re certainly not the only campus organization that encompasses these values. The All Maine Women (AMW) honor society is the “highest all-inclusive honor society to which a University of Maine woman can belong,” a prestigious accomplishment.

Each year, All Maine Women selects a small group of exemplary students to be members. For 2021, three UMPPF scholarship recipients were selected! Jordon Gregory, Meagan Dube and Rosamond Hickey join seven other UMaine students to represent the All Maine Women honor society and their university community.

So, what does it mean to be a member of this established campus society? We asked an AMW insider, advisor Jenny Desmond, what it means to be selected as an All Maine Women member.

Q: What is All Maine Women? How do you describe it to others?
A: The All Maine Women Honor Society was founded in 1925 to recognize distinguished leadership, scholarship and service to the University and campus community by outstanding students of the rising senior class. Members are considered the consummate role model for University of Maine students. Members serve the University of Maine, both on campus and in the world at large.

Q: How long have you been involved with AMW? What’s your current role?
A: I was inducted into the All Maine Women Class of 2014. I have served as a co-advisor and now advisor since 2017. It has been one of the greatest joys to work with these impactful leaders and cheer them on!

Q: How do students get involved? What does student outreach look like?
A: Students are eligible to apply when they reach junior standing academically. Nomination packets are distributed to academic departments, clubs and organizations and athletics.

Q: How do students get accepted into AMW? What’s the process like for them?
A: The application process includes letters of support, personal statement and resume. Applications are reviewed by alumnae members of the organization and the current class.

Q: How many students are chosen to participate?
A: Traditionally, around 12 members are chosen each year. This year, 10 members were selected.

Q: What does being a part of AMW mean to you? To others? To the UMaine community?
A: Being a part of AMW means being a role model. Leading by example and caring for our community. There is great pride in having Maine spirit and sharing University traditions with others. An AMW does everything in their power to support leaders on campus and future leaders.

Q: The pine tree is referenced throughout the AMW organization, including the logo. What does it represent?
A: The pine tree is a symbol of the organization. The roots are our alumni and represent our traditions. The trunk represents the current All Maine Women and our continuation from the past to the future, and the branches represent the inductees/new members and the promise of the future. New members are referred to as “saplings” and once they’re inducted, they become “trees.”

Q: How do AMW members give back to UMaine, the greater Orono community, and the state of Maine?
A: Most of the year is spent doing various community service and outreach to support causes important to the current class’s passions. All Maine Women also serve as student representatives at alumni, administrative and athletic events.

Q: This past year was quite different than most on campus. How did members of AMW provide for their communities?
A: Most of this past year was spent fundraising for different organizations as our members could do a majority of that virtually. They raffled off baskets to raise money and donated items to food pantries and the Black Bear Exchange. This coming year hasn’t been planned yet as the new class will determine their goals and priorities once they are inducted!

Q: From the ten new members, three are involved with UMPPF. Have prior members also been UMPPF students?
A: We often have members who are also members of the UMPPF. Sierra Yost ’20 and Megan Hooper ’19 are the most recent members to come to mind.

Q: What about our UMPPF scholarship recipients who were selected to be members of AMW made them good candidates?
A: Jordon, Meagan and Rosamund, greatly impressed us with their leadership, compassion for others, and their strong commitment to academic excellence. I’m excited for what they will accomplish this next year and in their careers!


We encourage all UMPPF students to branch out and join other campus groups and organizations in order to form a bond with others at their school and in their community, to pursue other interests that may not be academic in nature, and to increase their skillset for their future careers.

To learn more about All Maine Women, visit them on social media @allmainewomen and through the UMaine website.