Here at UMaine Pulp and Paper Foundation, our goal is to prepare and inspire future leaders in the pulp and paper industry. It’s an important mission—one that can’t be done without the support of the industry itself.

Corporate members are integral to the success of our program and, more importantly, to our students. These companies are generous supporters through scholarships and event sponsorships. To our students, they are mentors, outstanding network connections, and, in many cases, future employers.

In this blog, we shine a brighter light on how corporate members make our world go ‘round.

Scholarship Funds

Corporate members help pave the way to a debt-free education for our students. Their financial contributions help cover the cost of tuition, alleviating financial burden and allowing students to focus on academics. Upon graduation, students step into well-paying careers, and many of them start out with zero student debt. Now that’s something to celebrate!

“Ending up with a full tuition scholarship and not having any debt coming out of college set me up for such a bright future. I cannot imagine being suffocated by student loans. I am so thankful.” – Elaina Stefanick, Process Engineer at Packaging Corporation of America, UMPPF Alumna, CHE ‘19

Hands-on Experience

Internships and co-ops provide students with a taste of the challenges and rewards of the pulp and paper industry. It’s a chance to refine skills and apply what they’ve learned in the classroom. In turn, students gain valuable real-world experience, making them attractive candidates in any interview.

And, yes, you guessed it. Corporate members are an instrumental part of this too. They work with us to arrange interviews and match students to positions across the United States. For some students, these experiences serve as a stepping stone to full-time positions after graduation.

“We’re a big supporter of UMaine students and come on campus to recruit for internships, co-ops, and full-time positions each year. The number of openings vary each year, but there are generally positions available at each of our eight mills and at many of our converting facilities.” Casie Case, Early Talent Program Ambassador, Packaging Corporation of America

“Andritz comes to campus to hold interviews with students. Each year, we hire multiple students for internships, co-ops, and full-time positions.” – Lea Scrapchansky, Jr. Global Applications Engineer, Andritz, UMPPF Alumna, CHE ‘23

Fact: 100% of Pulp and Paper Foundation Senior Scholarship recipients are employed upon graduation or have chosen to attend graduate school.

Community Building

Though the pulp and paper industry is large, students come to find it’s actually quite a tight-knit community. Thanks to the engagement and on-campus presence of corporate members, it doesn’t take long to begin seeing some familiar faces. Corporate members visit campus for big events, like Paper Days, and even to mentor students by working on interview skills or conducting resume workshops.

By actively participating in campus events, workshops, and seminars, corporate members bridge the gap between the classroom and workforce. Students not only learn from leaders in the field, but they also make invaluable connections with them!

“I have had the opportunity to present to UMPPF students several times on campus, and I really enjoy the engagement and interest I see with the students and faculty.” – Mike Doss, President and CEO, Graphic Packaging
“When I was co-oping in Virginia and wore the UMaine Pulp and Paper Foundation polo, they knew what that was. The industry is just that small.” – Grace Farrington, UMPPF Alumna, CHE ‘21

Check out our long (and growing!) list of over 60 corporate members who work with UMPPF to build up the next generation of pulp and paper leaders.