You’ve heard us say it before, and you’re sure to hear it from us again: the pulp and paper industry is home to some of the greatest innovation and sustainability solutions. From the way we package consumer goods to the way we improve processes to minimize waste, this industry is reducing our reliance on plastics and innovating for the good of our planet.

In recent years, more and more companies are joining the movement to find sustainable packaging solutions that make our planet (and consumers) happy. Let’s look at some examples from recent news.

Behold: two recent changes to packaging and consumer goods that are great for our environment.

Fiber-based Tape

Ready to wrap your gifts guilt-free? A US-based company has recently released a new plastic-free tape and dispenser, and it’s available to consumers on
Amazon. This alternative to conventional plastic tape, called Ecolife, is made by a combination of wood and cotton fibers.

The company behind this eco-friendly tape didn’t stop there. They were determined to make each element of the tape set—including its packaging and the paper core that the tape is wrapped around—recyclable. And they did just that.

Coca Cola’s Paperboard Carriers

Liberty Coca-Cola, a Coca-Cola bottler, is saying so-long to plastic shrink wrap and rings by the summer of 2024. The plastic will be replaced with paperboard carriers that can be easily recycled.

The coolest part? Liberty Coca-Cola is partnering with WestRock, one of our UMPPF Corporate Members, to do it.

This new packaging system, along with the packaging for mini cans that was introduced in 2022, is expected to replace around 200,000 pounds of plastic each year. This is an exciting step towards reducing plastic waste.

You can read more about this exciting partnership here.

What’s Next?

Every day new products are being launched and innovative packaging solutions are being implemented. Meanwhile, pulp and paper companies are behind the scenes finding interesting ways to integrate wood fibers into packaging, swap paper for plastic, and so much more.