UMPPF Class of 2024

Let’s hear it for the graduating Class of 2024! *enthusiastic round of applause*

For us at the University of Maine Pulp and Paper Foundation, this time of year is bittersweet, but mostly just sweet. We’ve watched these graduates grow for four years—some even since junior year of high school! We’ve walked with them through tough classes, co-op interviews, networking anxiety, and new life experiences. They’ve continually risen to the occasion, and this month we celebrate it.

A heartfelt congratulations to each of our 2024 engineering graduates. We can’t wait to see where the pulp and paper industry takes you!


For a small glimpse into this graduating class, we’d like you to meet five of our UMPPF seniors and see where they’ll be kicking off their post-graduate careers:


Connor Alley, Chemical Engineering ’24

Connor Alley, Chemical Engineering ‘24

West Point, VA

“I will be forever grateful for the UMPPF, as they have allowed me to pursue my degree and focus on my studies without the burden of student debt. They have also provided me with three internship/co-op experiences that have given me the real-world opportunities to jumpstart my career.”

You can learn more about Connor and his college experience in this article here.



Julia Muth, Chemical Engineering ‘24

Julia Muth, Chemical Engineering ‘24

Albertville, AL

“I came to UMaine as a chemical engineer knowing nothing about the pulp and paper industry, and honestly was not sure I would even like it. Classes began, and I went through the motions, but as they progressed, I learned to enjoy what the pulp and paper industry offers. By joining the Pulp and Paper Foundation, I not only learned what I could gain through a career in the industry, but I also made great friends, got valuable experience through co-oping in another state, and got lots of free food (which is great for a broke college kid). If I had to do college again, I wouldn’t change a thing.”


John McLaughlin, Mechanical Engineering ‘24

John McLaughlin, Mechanical Engineering ‘24

Los Angeles, CA

“The past four years working with the UMPFF have been invaluable. Through the foundation I’ve had many opportunities to network with industry professionals and hone my real-world skills. With their help, I was also fortunate to have two engineering internships and found the first step in my career with PCA, working as a Plant Optimization Engineer in Los Angeles, CA!”




Alexa Brennan, Chemical Engineering ‘24

Alexa Brennan, Chemical Engineering ‘24

Auburn, ME

“When I reflect on my time at the University of Maine, my involvement in the Pulp and Paper Foundation stands out as a highlight of my college experience. It played a pivotal role in my professional development and personal growth, providing me with co-op and internship experiences, which allowed me to develop my engineering skills and cultivate meaningful relationships. Through the support of the Foundation, I was able to explore my interests and passions, and ultimately choose a full-time position that I am very excited to begin. I look forward to applying everything the Pulp and Paper Foundation has taught me as I begin my engineering career!”


Kyle Richard, Electrical Engineering ‘24

Kyle Richard, Electrical Engineering ‘24

Somerset, ME

“The UMPFF has provided me with endless opportunities and support throughout my college career. These opportunities include being able to network with industry professionals, being presented with many job opportunities (co-op and full-time), and building lifelong relationships with so many great people within the Foundation. The UMPPF has made my college experience unlike any other with the unique support and guidance that you can only find here at the Foundation.”



Join us in congratulating the Class of 2024 graduates for their remarkable accomplishments. Here’s to a future filled with innovation, impact, and endless possibilities!