The pulp and paper industry is looking for you! In a previous post about industry myths, we discussed that the industry is (spoiler alert) not dying but rather growing and evolving. Many companies within the industry all around the world are looking for candidates like you to fill open positions right now.

Why does the pulp and paper industry want me?

To be frank, the industry needs you. With cultural changes happening at a rapid pace (think automation, recyclable products, research and development), high consumer demand with no signs of slowing and current employees looking to retire, you are a hot commodity.

What do I need to be hired in the industry?

Although qualifications and requirements will differ between various companies and roles, you can expect to need:

• a bachelor’s degree

• hands-on technical experience and/or in-depth knowledge

• soft skills such as impeccable communication, leadership and problem-solving skills

What’s a job in the pulp and paper industry do for me?

Since you and your combined experiences and knowledge are fervently needed in the industry, companies are offering generous benefits, competitive salaries, and even relocation packages for you to accept their offer and join their team. The industry is in search of innovative solutions, continuously creating paper and packaging products that meet consumer demand, made from renewable resources. Because of this, you can expect a long and stable career within the industry. Additionally, you can work your way “up the ladder” fairly quickly as veteran employees are looking to retire.

So, how much can I expect to earn?

Glad you asked. As stated above, salaries for engineering students entering the pulp and paper industry are competitive (meaning they’re pretty darn good). Don’t believe us? Here are some common degrees and their starting salaries:

• Chemical Engineering $75k

• Civil Engineering $65k

• Computer Engineering $71k

• Mechanical Engineering $72k

• Computer Science $68k

• Biomedical Engineering $65k

• Chemistry $61K

• Logistics $59k

• Accounting $57k

• Social Work $51k

• Biology $50k

If you’re looking for a rewarding career that offers personal growth, professional advancement, opportunity across the country and the globe, and generous compensation, consider the pulp and paper industry. It’s waiting for talent like you.